This year's preparations started out like every other year. Always scrambling to get everything together and ready to roll, except this year we were racing the weather! One of the biggest snow storms of the year was predicted for the time we were leaving the shop, so we had to beat it out. Unfortunately, we missed that time slot. But there was a break in between, with enough time for us to get on the road and out of Denver. It was even sunny the whole drive there. Others were not as fortunate. But we made it none the less. When we pulled in, there were so many people already, it was like we showed up on Wednesday, not Sunday. A little preview for us as to what to expect from this year's show. 

Snow storm that turned a lot of people around

After dropping everything off at the arena, we met up with some friends and took them to the trails. It was their first trip out to Moab or jeeping for that matter, so we took them to Hell's Revenge. It was a good trail to break them in and we think they had a great time. Some of the other trails we hit during the week was Wipe Out Hill, Steel Bender, and Flat Iron Mesa. It was just so nice to be out on the trails again.

Washing the trailer for the show

All the Nemesis Jeeps lined up in a row.

Flat Iron Mesa

Teraflex was nice enough to bring ice cream to go with the home made Root Beer they make.

One of the trail days, we were out with Teraflex Suspension on a run, and the leaders had pulled over to let everyone catch up. A fellow jeep-her had wandered off a little, fell, and broke her fermur. As in the jeeping community, everyone rushed to help, radioed for help, and kept her warm and talking. She was such a trooper and didn't complain one bit. They got EMT's out there and a helicopter. Everyone banded together and helped out a friend in need and that is why we love this community that we are a part of so much. 

EMT's coming to the rescue

Helicopter flight out

The show days were great. The arean was overflowing with people who had come because it was the 50th EJS. The Red Rock 4 Wheelers put on a great show and had their biggest raffle to date. The vendors also had some awesome disounts and raffles of their own. Thanks Red Rock 4 Wheelers for always putting on a great show. Until next year!!

Needed some more room to park jeeps, why not on the Semi FrameNancy showing her flex and the new Crawler Flares.