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Core values

Starting a company from scratch provided us with the unique opportunity to create a culture that values each member of the team, encourages innovation and supports growth. Items we all found lacking in our previous engagements. What follows is a list of our core values and beliefs that we created over several wheeling trips, and Friday afternoon barbeques.

  • Remember that we are incredibly lucky to do what we love each day.
  • Produce world-class products.
  • Strive to intimately understand our customers’ needs and wants as they evolve.
  • Develop every team members potential through education, self-improvement, and advancement opportunities.
  • Pr... read more


The path that lead to the creation of Nemesis Industries started many years ago when the team members, that comprise our company, were paying their dues apprenticing as a tool and die maker, sweeping floors at 4wd shops, attending school, building vehicles and of course out on the trail having fun. Years of honing our skills followed our humble beginnings, but it was the time spent in the trenches that provides the appreciation for the opportunity we have. It comes as no surprise that designing and building things is what we love to do. It is in our blood; just like all the grinding dust, welding fumes and exhaust we have inhaled over the years.

Along with many fellow, hard workin... read more

Origins of a name

What’s in a name?  Sometimes names are selected because it may have a deeper meaning, other times a name is selected simply because one likes the sound of it. In our case it was a little of both. Come on just say Nemesis… Nemesis-sis-sis-sis, isn’t that a fun word to say. Ok, now for the serious part. Once we sat down to choose a name for our company Nemesis was at the top of the list because of its origin, original meaning and of course it is fun to say. Below you will find three excerpts, that define Nemesis and provides some insight into what the Goddess Nemesis stood for.

  • The name Nemesis is related to the Greek word ... read more


Rob Graft

Hailing From: Elbert, Colorado

Title: Owner

Business Responsibilities: Marketing and Sales Divisions

I’d rather be…  On the trail.

Off-Road Super Power: Can clear jumps in a single bound and literally stick the landing.

Quote: Hit it like you’ve got a pair (Zach Parker)

Hanging out since:  The begining

Vehicles: 2012 Dodge 5500 Dully (The Tow Rig), 1983 Toyota FJ-60 (the begining of a long journey), 1998 Ford F-350 (Farm Truck)... read more